As Service Provider in Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project

The Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project.The project consist of four components and sub-components; Component A, Component B, Compenent C and Component D. GREAC is a winner of the tender and as Service Provider, will carry out Investment and financial support for the development of agribusiness (B1 Component) under \\\\\\\"Agribusiness Value Chain Development\\\\\\\" (Component B). More »

Outreach Activities Completed on Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project

Outreach Activities have been hold 30 regions of the country within Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project as the first phase of the project. During these activities farmers, entrepreneurs, and officials were informed about the project in order to form interested groups of people to be able to move to the second phase of the project. More »


World Bank Mission at GREAC’s office

ACIP is succesfully well under way. With the purpose of observing the progress, offering certain recommendations and suggestions, WB visited the office of Ganja Regional Economic Advisory Centre. GREAC made a presentation to WB and the Project Administration covered works done so far. Then, meeting was forwarded to discussing the questions occured during the presentation.
In order to watch progress of sub-projects, to make analysis of them and to identify the steps should be followed, Mission visited project sites. GREAC’s professional work so far was highly evaluated by WB Mission. They wish our staff good luck in next phases of the project as well as our further corporation.

Project in next phase: CN preparations

Now we are heading to the Second Phase of B1 Komponent within ACIP which is rather exciting. Completed Outreach Activities in September and now to identify interested attendees to work in next phase.

Among target groups of the project presentations, many attendees demonstrated interest in order to benefit from the Project and be part of it. Thus, stakeholders should send us their expressions of interests at the first step. To make a presentation in front of tens/hundreds of people every time in different region means tens/hundreds of new ideas which could have an impact on agriculture, play an important role to improve agricultural competitiveness which is our goal and produce the idea to create new agricultural chains. In order to move on with us, stakeholders should write Concept Notes (CN) cover their ideas in wider frame. CN are very important because only limited numbers of them will be considered to work on with and to be granted.

Stakeholders with our Technical Support Group are working on CN at present since GREAC guides them throught the Project with Advisory Service along with the implementation of the B1 Component of ACIP.


ACIP: Outreach activities completed

As Service Provider of Agricultural Competitivenes Improvement Project (ACIP) GREAC has completed the first phase of the project called Outreach Activities. Main purpose of this phase was to inform farmers, entrepreneurs, and processors as well as excoms in relation with the Project and identify stakeholders to work in nest phase of the Project. According to the Project, interested parties write expressions of interest, then concept notes in order to shortlist ideas that can be granted by the Project.

Outreach activities continued for three months from July to September and covered 30 different regions of the country, informed thousands of agriculture related parties.


Business Development Support for Agribusiness Value Chain


  1. The Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank is implementing “Agricultural Competitiveness Improvement Project” (ACIP) in Azerbaijan. The overall objective of the Project is to facilitate the access of agricultural producers to markets by strengthening sanitary and phytosanitary services, enhancing selected value chains and providing financial services to agribusiness enterprises. The Project would further promote agribusiness/food processing through providing the access to finance to improve their technologies and increase production and upgrade and modernize the plant protection service and veterinary services. The Project would also facilitate development of selected high-value chains through a series of activities and interventions targeted at key constraints in the functioning of marketing chains of agricultural commodities. Finally, the Project will support a focused food safety capacity building program for both public and private sector.
  1. The Project consists of four components: